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 Monkeys Of Eden by Andrew Hennessey

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PostSubject: Monkeys Of Eden by Andrew Hennessey   Wed Nov 24, 2010 5:44 pm

- the telepathic Overlords and the Slaves of Earth -

by Andrew Hennessey

(Just a few excerpts from the book:)
The tide however is turning - for Gods Angels have recently returned in numbers. These are the lights and moving stars that flash and move about at our call - for they are here to remind us that the Judgement of the Lord of Light is already underway. And that Judgement will be hard on the evil reptiles who farm humanity and who abuse their charges.

The Aryan Priestocracy may well have a hard balancing act or have been truly conditioned to serve. The returning angels/stargods/stars that walk/walking stars/ are here to save the day and salvage the souls that wish to evolve from here to other formats. The stargods are of a very powerful energy format - and have the capacity to manipulate physical matter, thought and probability. These 'angels' are here to change the balance of power forever on this planet in favour of the Light.

There are those amongst us who see them regularly now. Worse still for the establishment - more and more people are witnessing the incredible sights of non-human activity. The traffic is not all hardware however - and the usual suspects/debunkers consequently have rolled out the old marsh gas theories and 'the planet Venus magnified by an atmospheric lense' stuff - a sort of throwback to the 70's and 80's.

Some of the most wonderful accounts come from the witnesses themselves - abductees who have been toured round the galaxy - but worse than that for the government think tanks - the Phenomenon as they occur are actually crossing what were once clearly laid boundaries by the social engineering think tanks. This stuff now makes the X-files plots look a little 50ish and seems to sweep us pass the placards and fanciful ideas of 1947 and all that.

There are BOTH physical ships and non-physical beings of Light in alliance. There is a hierarchy and these angels of light are controlled by a Being many experiencers call Christ, at least that's the name used on this planet.

I suddenly find myself referring to the old testament - a wheel within a wheel stuff of Ezekiel, and realise that there is a Templar and Gnostic history to these interdimensional beings known in dusty libraries as the Pearls of Great Price because of their pearly nascent glow - but when they dim themselves a bit they look like a donut with a hole in the middle - a Taurus - 'it is as if a wheel had been within the middle of a wheel' [Ezekiel] - a halo - a star - ... just like the darting halos of the recent NASA footage.

These appear to be the true shape and form of the human energy body or ghost when it discards form - and we can see these glowing lights in a historical perspective - for they are also associated with the faeries/Greys as will O the wisp ... beings of incredible power and light are descending through the dark rainclouds of Scotland and lighting the horizon up - skeptics who talk about GPS satellites are dumbfounded by the energies of the high glares, low descents, pulsing strobe effects and the very pure pearly light.

Many people in Scotland are being treated to the beauties of colours never before seen on this earth, and many that ask are coming into commune with these beings. The strongest and most powerful are like the hierarchy of angels who I hear have been elsewhere but are now back .... excuse me ... let me find my X-files encyclopaedia - there is no adequate explanation for the ideologies of these abductees and witnesses in the establishment created X-files Mythos.

The Angels are in command of a Host of Ships and apparently have come to take on Lucifer and the fallen Host - i.e. star wars - but where that differs from the X-files is that these 'redeemers' will only help us if we want to be helped - suddenly I'm an evangelist - because of the people I have interviewed there is a strong belief that the name of Christ is a chosen mobile phone number to God on this planet.

And when people ask - they will see - as in a group of us who had been told these things went out to a very high hill and watched the may skies and saw incredible pearly lights lighting up the valley. Others we know have seen massive base ships [hardware] floating about the skies decloaking and cloaking - whole neighbourhoods are visited by ships and creatures resembling some 'greys' though I use the term loosely - and the local 12th century cathedral St Giles has the head of a Grey mounted in the church wall.

People are simply walking up to us as we meet and declaring that they are protected and nurtured by the Lights and Angels of God and that Christ is the 'Commander' - and that the angels follow them about everywhere - so is that true - are they followed about everywhere ? so after a nighttime meeting a group of 5 of us went outside - and there beneath low thick cloud were 3 very bright dazzling pearly lights - the star of the magi and Bethlehem the stars of Jacob finally returned in number to help us fight the ancient foe - the House of Joseph and Esau. - or as the skeptics would have it piezzo electric discharges, that is until they come down close to your hands and take you up and out across the galaxy within 7 seconds, tour you about and return you to your body - Russell asked everyone after this awesome trip for two weeks - who am I this time ? - indeed the Romany Gypsy protected by the angels of God remembers her previous life as part of a beautiful non-human civilisation.

And as we lay ourselves down to sleep - the lights are in our room - hallucinations - all in the mind - until you realise that they answer your thoughts, that they respond to your ideas and once a dialogue is constructed - very much have a positive message for the worried populations - or they fly round us in high energy formations.

There are incredible multiple sightings, multiple proofs beyond the aircraft and satellite and marsh gas and Venus stuff - there have been attempts to communicate with the media - no results and we also know that this phenomena is not confined to Scotland - its Global - as the NASA footage of the glowing donuts will confirm.

Digital video evidence of a clarity and beauty that surpasses the Mexico footage shot in broad daylight is being regularly shot by Brian McPhee of Stirling Scotland - There is also another guy down in London who meditates then climbs onto a high roof with a camcorder and he appears to be shooting wonderful stuff too ...

So what's with all this stuff that the aliens are packed up and went home - in the last 30 days I have seen 20 amazing events in my local skies, neighbourhood and home, and I don't think that I am a privileged exception.

I suspect that the establishment senses an impending upset in the balance of power and may also be afraid that if you realised that these Angelic Lightbeings are really listening to you - as we saw last night on our skywatch - that they are really aware of your thoughts - that the lowliest man or woman or reptile could alter the balance of power with a simple prayer - though I don't want to sound religious here, because I went off churchianity long long ago - and after a long long life watching Scully and Mulder act out their Tavistock scripts - I have finally realised that the returning Cosmic Commander, the Mayan Stargods, the returning King etc is named Christ at least on this reptile planet - sons and daughters of God we are - someone has to be in charge.

Well - for the moment at least - I seem to be a bearer of Good News - and I would have been the last person ever to associate myself with the hypocrisy and evils of the church - but all of this is way beyond what we have all been taught to believe about Angels - for it appears that [according to Russell penman] that when the earth changes come and the angelic lights come down for you - don't be afraid and don't run - they have come to lift you up [translated - as in beam me up]
Translated is a term often used in the Bible for prophets being taken to Heaven.

Now I'm not an evangelist and am not up on raptures and tribulations - all I know is that some very Benign and powerful Beings appear to have finally taken a guiding influence in my life - and as I said I'm not unique or privileged - for when I ran a UFO conference - people rang me up saying that husband and wife were abductees and that their kids were regularly toured round the solar system and got to fly the ships, another guy said that the pearly lights had been following him about since he was little - but that he didn't know - or I suppose really want to know what they were or what it really meant - for the bottom line here is that in one sweeping gesture; - a spectrum; starwars, aliens, hitek, telepathy, dimensions, energies, beings of light, ghosts, angels, souls, hierarchy - the notion of the narrow confines of our televised reality break down - the frontiers of the paradigm of materialism is about to fall and that event is both x-files, and, well, eternally awesome and religious - for the day that every human claims their birthright that they are eternal souls, slipping in and out of shells and incarnations as indeed some of the abductees who have interviewed 'aliens' can claim, and, can some of the under 5s human children who remember their past lives and realities before it gets educated out of them - will be the day that the reptiles lose their power forever on this world.

The frontiers of materialism are falling and failing - just like the Einsteinian star trek physics they try to sell us, just like the kA TV programmes that try to mess with history and our heads. As much as the NWO wanted to have us all brainwashed into subservience - what has to have got them rattled is the undeniable proofs that the forces of light are now providing the general population. - As more and more proof of eternity and real empowerment break the chains of slavery - so the reptilian thugs start to head for their ships - for it looks very much like our older brothers and sisters have returned - people we have probably known many times and lives before - but if you are Darth Reptile - how can you outrun a being that can cross intergalactic space in 7 seconds ??
(If this sounded interesting you should get the whole book - as this is not said to be fiction, nor science fiction - but for real)

Låt din fantasi sakna gränser!
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Monkeys Of Eden by Andrew Hennessey
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