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 Turning the Key

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PostSubject: Turning the Key   Sat Aug 07, 2010 9:12 am

Unlocking the mind, opening the heart
Returning to the true magnitude of who we are

I felt this video fitted here though David is not really talking that much about the powers of the elite, and only slightly mentioning insiders giving him information, though he normally says alot about them.

This speach is about a far more important angle to the elite agenda. It's about our own powers and the key we have to unlock it.

Many years ago, it might have been in 1987 actually, I had two dreams in which an angel came to visit me with very important messages. In the first, which I will describe in more detail in an other place, she made me choose what mattered most in this reality. I choosed true love and that seemed to please her, and she called it a wise choice. Soon after she came in another dream and gave me a KEY. She said I would know when to use it, and that it was immensely important.

Seeing this video with David it is clear that this is what she was talking about. To unlock our minds and open up our hearts to a new world with a different mind-set then has been around up till now. A mind-set I never have felt connected to, as I wish to live in unity and harmony with all around me. I don't like this fighting, arguing, bullying, that most people love to ravel in. I wish all could try and understand each other, forgive each other for not being perfect, and to see others errors not as malicious acts of hate, but as missunderstandings and gaps to be overcome with love.

To a divided and "me and them" mind thoughts like that are silly willy, but to those that hold the key they are the only possible way to not destroy ourselves in a huge useless suicide. Go out and look for other demons, and you fail to find your own. Look inside and see you are not better then others, just different, and laugh about it. If someone greases your front porch, laugh about it. Whoever does a thing like that is not well, so feel sorry for the person, not hate or anger. And laugh at the sillyness of doing things like that. It's annoying yes, but giving your powers aways to the silly person does not aid you.

The same goes for all the things going on in this world - big or small - in the play we concider to be a reality. People cheer on their favourite hero, bash their bad guy, but it is just a theatre. One group's hero it another group's bad guy. Around and around. Just like the powers to be has orchestrated it so we'll be in a constant battle with each other. We trust our own hero's every word, and always call the other guy a liar. And then go out to kill each other to proove we are not fools.

If you also have gotten your KEY, you too know all this and know that it's time to use it. To unlock our veil and face what our reality really is about and seize your own power. Good luck with that. I know you will succeed, as there is no other way.

Låt din fantasi sakna gränser!
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Turning the Key
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